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30 Things in 30 Days

Students look forward to Spring Break like it’s more of a prison break. A full 9 days off! And when I was a student, I certainly looked forward to it as well. I didn’t go on any big vacation with my family, and I didn’t take a senior trip either, but it was still fun to have the days off whether there would be beautiful sunshine or a foot of snow.

But don’t think that teachers aren’t also super jazzed about having nine days off! They plan brunches, trade books to read, take in a few happy hours, and maybe go to a movie. Oh and they work. You might recall my litany of activities that teachers do during Winter Break from a few months ago. I can assure you that Spring Break is no different. Those first draft term papers my students turned in before Winter Break? Now their final draft is due, and I used all of Spring Break to get through those papers as well.

Maybe hearing this pulls at your heart, and you’re wondering, “what can I do to make my local public school better?” Well, wonder no more! In conjunction with our thirtieth anniversary, the Putnam City Schools Foundation has been posting ideas to our Facebook and Twitter pages (@pcf4kids, if you don't follow us already) that you can use today to help in our schools. Some ideas don’t even cost a cent! If time is what you have, then time is what we can use. For instance, maybe you have an extra hour a week to head to the school and make copies, or volunteer to translate for our families with limited English. Of course, money definitely is needed in our schools, but it doesn’t have to be a lot. Consider saving those box tops from certain brands, and drop them off to your local school, or buy an extra ream of paper at Target and give to the school.

Some of you might think, “I don’t have kids in the schools, though, so I am not expected to help” or “my kids graduated! I’ve done my time.” While I can respect those sentiments, I would ask that everyone consider the local public school as their school, because it is. Your tax dollars pay to keep these buildings up and running. They pay for the salaries of our staff and faculty. And while the kids in our schools may not be your kids, they are Putnam City’s kids, and if you care about Putnam City, then they are your kids too.

So while our students and teachers are off enjoying a much deserved break, consider doing something to make their lives at school a little easier when they return, and choose one of the 30 things. As the year goes on, we’ll continue to share 30 things about this foundation to celebrate the 30 years of enhancing and enriching the educational opportunities of children in Putnam City Schools.

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