Excellent Educator Awards

Great schools can't thrive without great teachers, and great teachers need the support of the community and their peers. There is no shortage of brilliant, challenging educators in Putnam City Schools. The Foundation helps provide the resources they need to push their students that extra mile. In addition the Foundation recognizes educators who go above and beyond to reach out to their students.

Pictured Above

District Teacher of the Year

Carla Young- Putnam City West High School

Excellent Educators  

Bailee Sossamon- Overholser Elementary

Lauren Collings- Central Elementary

Linda Frantz- Rollingwood Elementary

Liz Graham- Tulakes Elementary

Donors Choose

As a staff member of Putnam City Schools or of a Community Learning Center, Donors Choose invites you to propose an activity or resource for your students. The purpose of this opportunity is to provide educators and schools a source of funding to assist in planning, developing, and implementing innovative programs and creative opportunities for which funds are not available through the Putnam City Schools. This effort will allow educators additional opportunities to help students grow and reach their potential and to increase student achievement.

To see the current Putnam City projects, go to www.donorschoose.org and select projects, state, and district.