More Proof that I was a High School Nerd

In case it hasn’t already become abundantly clear through these posts, I was a nerd in high school. I don’t have any problem saying that because I think I had a pretty great high school experience. I’m certain there were folks who made fun of my nerdom — some still do — but that’s OK.

Although I can’t imagine it, there may be some who are surprised by this admission, but let me offer yet another example to prove the point.

I loved economics enough to go to a summer camp solely focused on the subject. It all started when Mr. Shenold (one of my favorite teachers) brought in a business person who was a volunteer with Junior Achievement. I remember that she was female, and that we played economics games. I still have the curriculum books we used in that class! Why? I do not know exactly, but I have all my notes from college as well, so go figure. It’ll come in handy some day!

After having this Junior Achievement volunteer come to our class for several weeks, I must have asked what else I could do through their programs, because the next thing I remember was being on a team conducting practice rounds for a stock market simulation. We met several times in our coach’s office (who was another Junior Achievement volunteer) to hone our skills in the game, all in preparation for this international conference.

Then it was time to go! Off to Indiana where we met people from around the world — literally! We traded trinkets that represented our state or country of origin and participated in leadership exercises. I traded our “puff-ball with a cowboy hat” for a pair of Belize Independence cufflinks which I gave to my boyfriend at the time. I clearly got the better end of the deal on that one. (UPDATE: that boyfriend still has those cufflinks!)

Finally the time came for us to go through the simulation competition. My male partner taught me a valuable lesson that day: I should trust my instincts and not be swayed because an older boy says his way is right. We went with his investment strategy, and we lost. I don’t know that my strategy would have taken us all the way to victory, but I do recall it would have gotten us to the next round.

I really enjoyed my time with Junior Achievement, and have actually signed on to teach a class myself at the Putnam City Academy. The program is full of great fundamental information that our kids need to be successful in life, and I really appreciate the opportunity to give back to a program and a district that has given me so much. Just another nerd paying it forward!

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